Thursday, June 11, 2009

The dreaded GAT

I did they GAT today
For those of you who don't know what the GAT is see trusty wikipedia
Basically its a big waste of time
It was pretty boring but i tried my best with it 

But also we all had a bit of fun with 'Project Clooney' 
In 2009, a student organised movement brought the GAT to the attention of the national press, by suggesting that students make references to actor George Clooney in their answers.
"i think we should all mention George Clooney in at least one of our written responses.
imagine what the fuck VCAA will be thinking when thousands of people include irrelevant references to George Clooney when talking about diamonds or chocolate or whatever the fuck they're putting on this years GAT."
and it made The Age website

Anyway in this GAT there were two writing pieces 
One on material possessions 
One on bees

I made 1 semi relevant reference explaining that his movies could cure your boredom
Everyone has been facebooking about their references and here are some of my favourites from my school: 
"Just like George Clooney and a fine wine, they only get better with age"
" A bees life was similar to that of george clooney, work hard in summer on blockbusters like oceans eleven and then quieten down in winter and do some indy films"
"As George Clooney swans in, Nespresso in hand, we are reminded of the materialistic society in which we live." 
As George Clooney once said, "Bees represent many things"

haha I think it was a very good idea
kudos to whoever thought of it and those who took part : )

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