Monday, June 15, 2009

'cause i like the way tears fit my cheek...

There are two things that i did not think i would ever do
1. Watch all seasons of Gossip Girl
2. Read Twilight and enjoy it after my hatred of the movie

I now take all my preconceptions back
I really love Gossip Girl
The acting, the clothes, the lifestyle they 'live' and the people
it is awesome
Twilight is an addiction
i've always thought it was this cult vampire style book (haha)
i am not convinced that it is an unusual love story that i can't put down
I still hated the movie

Blake Lively's Hair in this scene was stunning...
i want to try recreate the look for my formal
i doubt it will work but may as well try :)

I love her smoky/sultry look in this photograph
Image Sources: I have no idea... google images and links from that :)

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