Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday my sister and i went to Top Designs and Top Arts
Which is where the best pieces of work done by year 12 students are displayed
The talent of some of the people that got in was amazing
Some pieces really stood out...
I'll scan them out of the booklet i bought ASAP

For the meantime here are some more photos of my sister
I took them yesterday on our way to top designs...
this is right near the Melbourne museum
could be some parliament building not sure...but i liked the look of it

Also you can't really see in those photos but tara's shoes

are a pair of mums old ones from the 60/70's?

i'm a little bit in love with them but unfortuately im not a six 6

Image Source: Me

Friday, April 24, 2009

These are some of the things that I desire...
Topshop Hoshi-Plaited Sandals £25

Topshop Digital Floral Print Leggings £20

Topshop Chain Print Silk Scarf £22

Sportsgirl Cocoon Cardi $89.95AU
it was payday yesterday and already half of it has gone... so whether i get around to ordering the Topshop items before my money is all gone is another question :S

Image Source: Topshop &
I forgot to tell you about my most recent purchase
My versatile long top/dress
I've bought 2 in the space of 3 days
1 stripey and 1 white
It's basically an oversized top
The sleeves are very big and baggy
But the back is longer than the front
So its kind of a dress...
I've been wearing it with long sleeved tops and leggings underneath
I'm in love with the look and comfort of them
I wore my white one the other night with brown boots
here's a sneak peak:

Image Source:

Let me Introduce you...

This is Victoria...

Image Source: Me

My Best :)

She's My Best :)
13 Years

^I'm the one going the wrong way^

^She's the one in the Ballet shoes^

We attempted Irish Dancing together when we were 5

...I gave up

...she stuck to ballet

Image Source: My Mum & Someone at a Party :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain rain go away...

Today i went through some old photos and i came across these...
It rained very heavily all day...

^The Rainfall ^

We ran 200metres from the bus stop to my house
We got completely soaked...
It was awesome

Image Source: Me

My Fattie Boom Bah

This is my Beautiful Dog Seamus
He comes when you say 'Fattie'
He is now on dry food specially made for unfit and overweight dogs
I found that quite funny
Image Source: Me

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lump Sum

I'm very obsessed with Bon Iver's Album
'For Emma Forever Ago'
and especially the track Skinny Love

My sister started a blog yesterday
she called it skinny love.... 
go figure

Image Source: Google Images

Evenez à l'école…

Holidays Over
Back to school.... gaahhhh
Term 2
Last Year Ever :)

My Favourite image at the moment
Using it for inspiration for my art piece i'm doing at school at the moment
I've added legs and made her a puppet  :)

Image Source: Lookbook

Sunday, April 19, 2009

If you haven't already checked her out go look at she is a London based illustrator and does absolutely amazing illustrations.

imagesources: Ros Shiers

Monday, April 13, 2009

Days go by

I have started taking photos with this amazingly big canon digital i don't know the specs but ill upload them when i do.... but whatever it takes amazing photos i think it must be the super dooper lens :) Here are some i took the other day for a project i'm doing at school... i took my sister into the city with a bunch of different accessories and used her as the model... we went around to the graffitied alleys and little nooks that are around the place as well as some of the gardens and tunnels... we had quite a good time.... enjoy :)





image source: Me

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stumbled across this ad and thought it was quite awesome

French Exchange Trip January 2009

Well what can i say... I live a boring life! After returning from my trip to France and England in January instead of feeling happy to be home i became so upset... i just wanted to be anywhere but where i was... i missed the bliss of seeing new places each day, of not understanding what others were saying, of being able to go clubbing, to be able to have freedom, of having no worries or cares and just going day by day having fun.

Here i was back where i started... going back to school, working, sleeping, homework and that was it. I felt like screaming... why was i here when i could be experiencing the world, be it in France eating amazing pastries and fabulous bread or shopping in Topshop in London (like Sportsgirl but 10x the size and fabulousness) i couldn't understand why i lived here in the centre of suburbia... i needed excitement i needed something... something that was missing!
Now this is not to say that i don't love living in Melbourne but i want to be in the centre of it.. in the rush of it all.

Anyway enough of my whingeing... here are some photos...
My favourite place being Montmatre {setting of Amelie and Moulin rouge} which coincidentally i took no photos of as i was so busy taking it all in and shopping haha

Image Source: Me