Sunday, April 12, 2009

French Exchange Trip January 2009

Well what can i say... I live a boring life! After returning from my trip to France and England in January instead of feeling happy to be home i became so upset... i just wanted to be anywhere but where i was... i missed the bliss of seeing new places each day, of not understanding what others were saying, of being able to go clubbing, to be able to have freedom, of having no worries or cares and just going day by day having fun.

Here i was back where i started... going back to school, working, sleeping, homework and that was it. I felt like screaming... why was i here when i could be experiencing the world, be it in France eating amazing pastries and fabulous bread or shopping in Topshop in London (like Sportsgirl but 10x the size and fabulousness) i couldn't understand why i lived here in the centre of suburbia... i needed excitement i needed something... something that was missing!
Now this is not to say that i don't love living in Melbourne but i want to be in the centre of it.. in the rush of it all.

Anyway enough of my whingeing... here are some photos...
My favourite place being Montmatre {setting of Amelie and Moulin rouge} which coincidentally i took no photos of as i was so busy taking it all in and shopping haha

Image Source: Me

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