Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby, take off your cool, i wanna see you

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Last week whilst studying i came across a photocopier
It was in my houseI had never it seen before
So seeing as Tor was over and neither of us wanted to study
We decided to photocopy stuff... including
Our hands
Our faces
and then
Our hands again with jewellery on
Above is one of my favourite shots 

Image Source: Me

Monday, June 29, 2009

What can i say?

They are beautiful?
Image Sources: 1st: ? 2nd:Mark Seliger
I haven't made a post in a while... apologies
Things new for me:
I'm on Holidays for two weeks :)
I have to finish my dress
and 2 ink paintings for art before the holidays end 
stressing :|

On the other hand
I bought the new issues of Russh and Frankie the other day
I now have anew long list of wants and needs such as
These amazing Heels in a booklet from Orbit shoes
When i find a pic of them on the web i'll upload to show you

For now i'll leave you with the beautiful work of Photographer
Benny Horne
From 'The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter' shoot for Russh #29

Image Sources: Russh (scanned images, sorry about quality)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I found my Paddington Bear that Dad bought me from England
Its so gorgeous
Image Source: Me

Monday, June 15, 2009

The newest additions to my wardrobe...
Pink clutch with gold chain (mum's old)
Dog brooch with little dimenties  (mum's old)
Small brown leather bag (mum's old)
Chanel Badge/Clip (mum's old)
Silver Book (new)
Dad gave us each a pretty book
for our 'dreams'
 i was like 'oh, great... thanks'
until he explained that its for our goals and dreams
he will read them and try to help us fulfill them as best we can
it was lovely
60's style dress (new $10)
Will upload proper photo when i wear it this weekend
Satin top with silver embroidery (new $10)
Image Sources: Me

'cause i like the way tears fit my cheek...

There are two things that i did not think i would ever do
1. Watch all seasons of Gossip Girl
2. Read Twilight and enjoy it after my hatred of the movie

I now take all my preconceptions back
I really love Gossip Girl
The acting, the clothes, the lifestyle they 'live' and the people
it is awesome
Twilight is an addiction
i've always thought it was this cult vampire style book (haha)
i am not convinced that it is an unusual love story that i can't put down
I still hated the movie

Blake Lively's Hair in this scene was stunning...
i want to try recreate the look for my formal
i doubt it will work but may as well try :)

I love her smoky/sultry look in this photograph
Image Sources: I have no idea... google images and links from that :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The dreaded GAT

I did they GAT today
For those of you who don't know what the GAT is see trusty wikipedia
Basically its a big waste of time
It was pretty boring but i tried my best with it 

But also we all had a bit of fun with 'Project Clooney' 
In 2009, a student organised movement brought the GAT to the attention of the national press, by suggesting that students make references to actor George Clooney in their answers.
"i think we should all mention George Clooney in at least one of our written responses.
imagine what the fuck VCAA will be thinking when thousands of people include irrelevant references to George Clooney when talking about diamonds or chocolate or whatever the fuck they're putting on this years GAT."
and it made The Age website 

Anyway in this GAT there were two writing pieces 
One on material possessions 
One on bees

I made 1 semi relevant reference explaining that his movies could cure your boredom
Everyone has been facebooking about their references and here are some of my favourites from my school: 
"Just like George Clooney and a fine wine, they only get better with age"
" A bees life was similar to that of george clooney, work hard in summer on blockbusters like oceans eleven and then quieten down in winter and do some indy films"
"As George Clooney swans in, Nespresso in hand, we are reminded of the materialistic society in which we live." 
As George Clooney once said, "Bees represent many things"

haha I think it was a very good idea
kudos to whoever thought of it and those who took part : )

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One step ahead

New Addiction:
Be a virtual stylist
It's a digital styling studio
You use different Designer and Vintage clothing to dress your model
then post your look for others to comment on
check it out: www.looklet.com 

^A few of my creations^
Image Source: Looklet/Me

Monday, June 8, 2009

I will never love you more than...

Than this Luella Monochrome Dress
Worn by Alexa Chung at the BAFTA 2009
These Sparkly Collette Dinnigan Dresses
that Kaya Scodelario and Hannah Murray
Wore to the BAFTA
The British TV show 'Skins' 
That those ^ girls star in
Season 1 and 2 Cast

Season 3 and 4 (?) Cast
These leggings that my sister made
out of an old stretchy sarong we had lying around

This beautiful chanel advertisement
Which stars Audrey Tatoue and is almost a mini movie
My cousins who live in London
Image Sources: Fab Sugar Uk, E4, E4, E4, Myself, Chanel, Myself
I want this 'Short Parachute Dress'
from All Saints 
I worked out that if i bought it online it would end up being about
$252.879 AUD (+ Postage and Handling)
:( i don't have any money.. still in debt to Dad
from my under budgeting of trip to France haha
this sucks...
i want to be famous for something that gives reason to get free clothes

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Static silhouette somehow...Single in his bed someday

Sacha Hilton
18 year old Parisian
Amazing eye for style and talent with photography
likes to take photos of
People at Parties
Black and White streetscapes
people with masks and/or fans
worthwile checking out his images in his blog
Image Source: Sacha Hilton

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If i don't say this now i will surely break...

I love nightime photography :)
{Das Monk is a boutique Australian t-shirt label
Started in 2007 by Marc Hendrick
Das Monk has collaborated with international artists Zach Johnsen (US), Tim Laing (UK), Evan Meister (US), and Keenan Marshall Keller (US) for its latest collection}
Image Source: Das Monk

Just ran into a few someones today... someones that i never really knew

I've always had this fasination with Lacey Dresses
I particularily adore the 1st and 2nd dresses in this picture
Image Source: Rachael Casar