Friday, May 1, 2009

Pay day yesterday
Spent it all already...

i have a big soft spot for newsagents
so many magazines waiting to be loved
i just can't resist

i also have an addiction for clothes
i'm an expert with impulse buys
i just can't stop

I bought the new issue of Russh yesterday
about the 10th one i've bought
it's very addictive
In the words of trusty wikipedia...

'RUSSH is a bi-monthly magazine that combines cutting-edge local creations with leading international labels and vintage finds, with an emphasis on personal style. Taking inspiration from music, film and art, RUSSH provides a refreshing, eclectic and creative point of view on fashion, beauty and culture.'
Whilst in my words:

i couldn't find my favourite shot for this issue online
i'll scan it and upload soon

I did find photos of these hairpieces by little doe

They are pretty awesome

Image Source: Little Doe

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