Monday, December 29, 2008

This past year...

First year in VCE, first year of school that actually mattered and counted towards something. It was a pretty good year in the end - Full of freedom [at long last] and many, many memorable moments but main ones being:
  • Phillip Island 13-16 friends + 3 Bedroom house + 1 Week + Alcohol + Beach = Heaven

  • French Exchange students - Didn't practice much french but had an amazing time with my lovely student
  • Dux for media :) haha only took me 5 years to get an award for something...
  • Discovered i could actually paint!
  • Year 11 Formal- I fell in love with a dress i tried on in Alannah Hill and ended up buying it {My 1st piece of Alannah Hill Clothing =D} It was corseted up the top in a deep purple and then has a silk overlay in a lavender purple... it was amazing
  • Thailand - [Family Reunion] - seeing another culture was amazing! The food, beach, cheap clothes and pampering was fabulous... Elephant ride along with my American cousin being slapped by a monkey being the highlights

image sources: Me

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